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Why I am starting this Blog!

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

I have been working on achieving some goals and realize that one of the most important components was somewhat overlooked. This Blog shall address that component and also serve as a platform for me to start writing. One of my aspirations is to write a book. This blog could be the springboard for my first book!

This blog was born from anger. I quickly realized that the anger was not a productive emotion and I decided to transform that into action. I was getting ready for a "weight loss challenge" at the Crossfit Box that I workout at. I was very motivated and excited for the challenge to start. Due to circumstances beyond any of my control, the challenge was cancelled.

So, I decided that it was time to look inward and figure out a way to finally put a stop to the ups and down I have been living. I have been on diets and food plans most of my life. I can lose weight and get in shape when I have one of my "adventure trips" coming up, but then I seem to just put the weight back on and find myself in the same conundrum.

Enough is enough. I have over a year to go until a big adventure trip. I figure in 3 - 4 months I can get down to a goal weight and then I will figure out how I can make this a permanent life change. I am not striving for perfection, but my goal is to be healthy.

What comes first?

In the past, I have always thought that "when I lose weight I will feel good" Now I realize that I was backwards and my reality is the following:

"When I feel good, I will lose weight!"

The missing piece in my road to healthy living is all in my mind. I have been studying the mind / body connection for a long time. One of the things I want to re-visit is a list that I discovered from one of the "Quantum Physicist books.... The Book is "How Quantum Physiscists Build New Beliefs" by Greg Kuhn

The reason I re-visited this book is that I found an old journal and it ranked emotional states from the lowest to highest. I determined that my old "I will lose weight when I feel good" had to change. When I catch myself in a less than optimal emotional state, I need to shift into a higher emotional state to facilitate long term success in regard to weight loss.... or anything else for that matter.

So, I have supplied links to 2 books in this blog. One deals with these emotional states and how to make changes to higher states and the other one by MIchael Greger, M.D., FACLM I am currently reading, illustrates how we can use foods to prevent and reverse disease.

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