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A tribute to my mom

Today is December 7, 2019. It would have been my mom's 102nd birthday. She made it to 97, so its been a little less than 5 years since she passed away. I usually don't post my reminiscing about personal stuff like this, but for several reasons I have been thinking about my mom lately.

A couple days ago I was working on some ebay stuff in my garage. It was actually in the evening and a honeybee showed up and was flying around. I didn't think much of this until the bee stung me in the arm. No big deal as I am not allergic and I have been a beekeeper. It was just surprising that a bee would be flying around at night like that. Usually they go back to the hive. The next night there was another bee in my garage buzzing around. So, the following morning I looked all around the exterior of the house thinking maybe we had a nest of bees somewhere, but I did not see any sign of more bees. The second bee

did not get a chance to sting me if you get my drift.

I got thinking about this and realized that was just 2 Bees! My mom's nickname that my dad called her was BB. I should also mention that on occasion my mom could have quite a sharp sting! I loved my mom and she was a wonderful person, but her late sister Dottie summed it up quite well when she said: "your mother has a mouth on her"

When my mom passed away, I was in Ecuador at the end of a trip. I got the news in the morning and experienced the stabbing emotions of loss, but then I remembered what my mom always said: "travel while you are young". Thats exactly what I was doing, so I know she was ok with the fact that I did not alter my trip. It was only 1 more day anyway.

I was in Quito with my travel buddy Bob and for a fleeting moment I considered staying in the hotel and moping around in sadness for the day, but then I decided that we should go out and explore the city. We should find an ice cream vendor and since my mom loved ice cream we had an ice cream memorial to my mom!

So far, Bob & I have had ice cream memorials in Ecuador, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, and Bhutan. I think my mom is happy that I continue to travel and honor her memory wherever I go!

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